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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pink Screen SOLUTION ( For Laptop Only )

QUESTION : A weird thing just happened. I'm online and my screen just started flickering and changing to pink and purple colors. I clicked off the internet, but it didn't stop. Back online, everything was highlighted in pink and a minute later it cleared up. It's fine now. A glitch? Something to worry about? Guess I better back up some data!! I have a Toshiba Laptop ANSWER : Well, since this is a laptop (and I am assuming you were not using a docking station and/or a separate LCD monitor), the actual laptop TFT/LCD panel could momentarily have a bad screen connection. Is the laptop lid really loose? Or do you hear any odd sounds when you move it? Also another possibility is that the video card had a glitch which was also momentary. Right before the problem surfaced or right after it cleared up, did you do anything at all physically or software wise? Either way, visit the same site again to see if it happens or see if it happens again randomly in the next few days, if it doesn't, I would file that incident under "WTF was that? Oh well..."

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